5 Fashion Things You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

Are you sure that you always spend money on fashion wisely? We pretty doubt because we do not, unfortunately.

Just remember the last time when you bought a gorgeous pair of high heels… However, since that time you have never worn them, right? Why? Because they kill¬†your feet so much that you could hardly walk in them.

So, what else are you spending money foolishly on? See these 6 things we believe you should not waste your money on ….

1. Fast fashion you will wear only once

Buying a crop top for $30 seems to be like a good deal. Not really, if you wear it once or twice and then “save” it for later. Before you purchase something “hot”, think twice whether you will wear it on regular basis or not.

crop top
Source: Pinterest