5 best spring/summer dresses you must have

Fashion Trends
5 years ago

The way we dress affects
the way we think
the way we feel
the way we act &
the way people react to us.

Dresses. Probably the most feminine piece of clothing every woman has to have in her wardrobe… Do not believe me? Continue reading and I will tell you why :).

The history of a dress had probably the biggest boom in the 19th century, when a big skirt with few layers underneath was worn with a shaped bodice at the top. We still can see some variations till today, but the shape of the dress has dramatically changed into a today’s variation.

There are so many dresses you can choose from, who would not be confused?

So at least, here is a small inspiration of what you should have ready to wear in your wardrobe this year.

1. Shirt for ladies

IMG_4075Androgyny, feminism… are probably two words I have immediately on┬ámy mind once thinking about shirt on a woman. But why I already do have a prejudice in my head? Even if I know how wonderful shirt on a woman can look like? …:)
This year you will be even more “in” once wearing a shirt dress. Inspired by the male casual shirt, women version of a dress never looked so feminine. Trends are either the simple white, or bit of boho adding some lace or patterns such as gingham. But a white shirt dress is really something for this season.