12 Ways How To Surprise Your Girlfriend

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5 years ago

3. Pick her an outfit and plan a fancy date

Girls like when you take the lead … They do not want to hear “we can go wherever you say or we will do whatever you like”. You should put in all the effort and plan a proper date for her.

So what could you do? Pick her an outfit from her closet along with her favorite shoes and accessories and leave a note mentioning a time when you will pick her up. Let her be surprised when she comes home with the idea you completely forget about her birthday. By the way, do not forget to reserve a table in her favorite restaurant beforehand and make sure you will not be late.

If it is her birthday, ask for the birthday cake with a candle after you finish your meal. They will send the cake right to your table … and you can just say “Happy birthday, hun!”.

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