11 handbags you must have to spark up your spring outfit

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5 years ago

Handbag is a woman’s best friend. We wear them everywhere with every outfit and hiding our “secrets” in them. We love them, carry them and take care of them. One of the most important things we have in our everyday hassle. So we are picking them with passion, adore them deeply and pay for them a lot :) Anyway, I say, why not? :)

Handbags speak louder than words.

For 2015 so many trends can be seen – colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and reinvented pieces from the past, focused on details. During the worldwide Fashion Weeks there were so many things and details we could see, so picking just a top 10 is not an easy job to do. We are trying to bring you the best and the most interesting we have seen and spotted on the runways. But for all of these trends, it seems that the artistic pieces from the runways finally connected with the crowd and using the peoples friendly approach, trends for spring/summer 2015 are more reachable than usually. Thumbs up for these designers.


52de4a55b3e096bc0d053a8f3537691b1.The 70’s are BACK – big time

In the spirit of the seventies, there are tassels and other boho, hippie kind of embellishments that will cheer you up make you feel those peaceful loving vibes. And, this vintage style of bag will be fashionable at all the best festivals, but you’ll also have serious style cred on the streets. YES.


808905e7fc0bb2c0366d2046c2c8bba72. Bucket bags

Since last year, designers have reinvented this classic shape and focused more on detail. They are “in” even stronger and now available with colors, using textures, 3D look-a-likes and perforations.


29b8d867dcd93d97455cfcb02154ff893. Hello sparkle

This season, D&G gives us shiny and bright, ornamental and floral beauties, using the traditional art of embroidery. Most of them are of smaller size and the shape is always feminine. D&G wants us to stand out of the crowd wearing one of their embroidered bag, and we love the old-world feel of this trend.