10 things to never wear to your friend’s wedding

Fashion Trends
4 years ago

Weddings have dress codes for a reason – to help you not look like a total fool. We have seen so many times girls wearing not appropriate dresses at the weddings. The bride should stand out on her wedding day not you.

You should be dressed nicely, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is casual. You should dress nicely out of respect for the hosts. In case, the wedding invitation doesn’t mention the dress code, call the bride to ask about it. So, what you should never wear to wedding?

1. White dress

White colour is reserved only for the bride, so choose different colour.

2. Very short or tight dress

There is nothing wrong with showing off a little, but there’s not time and place for such things at the wedding.

3. Too sparkly dress

Wedding is a formal event, not a crazy party. So leave your party sparkly dress at home and go for other option.

4. Jeans

It doesn’t matter how casual the wedding is, attending in jeans isn’t definitely an option.