10 Secrets How To Be Stylish In Summer

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5 years ago
Janata Cropped
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We are bringing your a new article written by one of the best Czech fashion bloggers,¬†Jana Janata from Love Fashion. Ejoy her advice on how to be stylish in hot days like these….

In this summer heat everybody would think that being naked would be the best solution to that problem :-).

What a pity, say some – thank god, say the others, nudism is not allowed in the streets. So we have to choose¬†to wear at least something …

Therefore, we are bringing you the 10 recommendations how you could deal with it.

1. Materials

Cotton shirt
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For summer, natural materials are the best (cotton, linen, silk). Linen might be a problem for some of us because it creases a lot. However, even a little bit creased shirt can look good. And you can be sure that you will feel comfortable in it and what is more you will not sweat as much as in e.g. polyester.